what is the relation between Dental Implants and Sedation Dentistry?

When teeth are not maintained or people are more prone to infection and teeth decay; often, teeth will have to be removed or just fall out. When this happens, the person often feels ashamed of their missing teeth, and turn to cosmetic dentistry to restore their smile. In the following discussion, we examine what you should know about dental implants, as well as how sedation dentistry might be an option for you.

Dental implants have long replaced the need for the previously standard means of correcting the appearance of a smile-which were dentures and bridges. Though these forms of teeth restoration worked fine in the past to mend a broken smile, dental implants now come with so many benefits, that if a person can afford it they should opt for this procedure.

Why? Though many people might not consider implants cosmetic dentistry, they are-as you are simply replacing a hole or a full set of teeth for aesthetic reasons and it is not needed for the health of your mouth. Choosing implants over dentures, caps, or bridges is beneficial on many levels. First, they look much more natural than the dentures you may be familiar with. Second, the success rate of their permanent insertion into your gum line is at 95%; so the probability of your mouth taking the implant without complication is very good. Third, there is no aggravated risk of cavities or bacteria growth with implants. Lastly, you can replace just one or many teeth without harming the surrounding healthy teeth. So, there are many benefits. The two most compelling cons are typically due to expense and pain.

Many patients who have cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles choose to have implants; but two considerations may temper their decision. The cost of dental implants is usually not covered by insurance; and can run around $1000 per tooth so that is an influential factor. Second, many people do not like the idea of the surgical procedure. For these patients who can afford the procedure, sedation dentistry is available. Sedation dentistry is basically a method of administering anesthesia that is more calming to the patient, and comes in the following forms: oral sedation without needles, IV sedation, and laughing gas. All of these methods offer the patient a feeling that the surgery was quick and painless.

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