The Latest Technologies in The Field Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are conducted worldwide, with only one intention in mind – to replace the missing tooth. Losing a tooth is not a great deal – it can happen to anyone, anytime. People lose their teeth due to old age or as a consequence of accidents. The absence of a tooth can mar the overall appearance of a person – instead of spending the rest of your lives cursing; dentists have developed various procedures to fix this “problem”. In the following passages, I will be explaining about one such procedure!

Allow me to explain certain advantages of dental implants (other than fixing your beauty):

a) Instead of opting for primitive teeth fixing procedures, a dentist can opt for a dental implant. The procedure is simple these days and with the appropriate skills and tools, it can be completed within an hour. Besides, the dentist will be able to concentrate on the region that is devoid of the tooth (in other words, the rest of the teeth will be unharmed, when this procedure is opted).

b) Implanting dentures – this is the primary procedure still being preferred by many dentists to fix a missing tooth. Some who have undergone the procedure will be aware of the disadvantage – the tooth will not be stable, and it will be prone to dislocation. Why invest on a technology, which gives you temporary respite, when dental implants are in existence?

c) Opting for dentures is well and good – but what the overall shape of your face is altered as a direct result of the same? Certain procedures will alter the inherent structure of the jawbone (in other words, you might end up looking like someone else). Why risk your appearance by opting for dentures, when you can rectify the situation with the aid of dental implants?

The list of advantages of dental implants is quite exhaustive. Let us consider how dental implants are conducted. The new tooth must be fixed firmly to the jawbone. In order to achieve this, specialized structures (manufactured from titanium) are affixed into the jawbone. This will act as the root of the tooth. Once this structure is affixed, the new tooth will be fixed on to the new root. Screws are employed to keep the root of the tooth in the position – these screws will retain the tooth for extended periods (if proper care is imparted, likewise).

There are limitations to the type of food that can be consumed if you opt for dentures. With dental implants on your mouth, you can literally indulge in any kind of food, without even thinking twice. This is the major motivating factor for many millions to opt for this paradigm. Dentures impart a feeling of discomfort to the mouth. Testimonials of plenty of people who are opting for this newer procedure list that there is no marked discomforts. Face the world boldly, instead of shunning away from it – with the aid of dental implants! Do keep us posted about your experiences with the same.

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