Methods and Advantages of Dental Implants

There are many different types of dental implants available. Each of these types are designed for a particular purpose. Mainly there are three types of implants.

Cylindrical or Screw Type: This is also called the “Root Form” implant. This is very close in shape to an actual tooth root. It is designed to have good attachment to the anchoring bone. When the jawbone is healthy, wide and deep this type is preferred. If the jaw bone is narrow or short of depth then bone grafting is needed to allow for the placement of this type of implant.

Plate Form Tooth Implant: If the jawbone is too narrow and also the tooth site is not a good candidate for bone grafting then the patient has to be fitted with a special narrow implant also called “plate form”.

Custom Made: These type of teeth implants are used in those patients who have suffered advanced bone loss. In the custom made type the implant rests on top of the jaw bone but under the gum. Providing anchorage to the replacement tooth.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

1. They have high success rates of over 90 percent.
2. You can chew and eat food normally like you would with a normal tooth.
3. You don’t have to mess around with adhesives or ugly clasps and clips to keep your new teeth in place.
4. Your other teeth are not affected at all.
5. Your regain your self-confidence as your new teeth look and feel almost like normal teeth.
6. They prevent the shrinkage and further loss of jaw bone as they are implanted into the jaw bone and act like normal tooth.
7. There is no danger of new teeth moving or slipping out like a denture or bridge as it is firmly anchored in your bone

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