I have a Single Tooth That Need to be Replaced – Can You Tell Me About Dental Implants?

I am scared! I am looking for dental implant information even though I have read a lot about it. Anyone with any dental implant information about treatment, pain, problems and failure please, share your experiences.

First rule for the success of any treatment, procedure is to relax. Here is tooth implant information that might help you understand the procedure. You will be numbed for the procedure and will not feel a thing at the time. They will do it under local anesthesia. As with any surgery there will be post operative pain. You might have a little swelling, a little bleeding is likely but nothing too serious. You can get pain relief from some over the counter pain killers. Your dentist might prescribe them himself. So, consult him/her before you do.

As far as the procedure itself is concerned the dental implant information you might be looking for is that they drill a hole for the dental implant. A titanium screw is used as implant. The implant is screwed into the base of the bone. Then the they stitch up the hole.

At this point there won’t anything above the gum. You have to wait 3-6 months for the tooth implant to integrate with the bone. If the teeth that is being replaced is a front teeth then you might be given a cap or denture to cover the hole. If it is something deeper inside then you will be left with just the screw. If you need more detailed dental implant information on the subject of bone integration, screws and healing process just check the numerous dental implant information sites on the web.

After your bone is healed the dentist will open up the gum up again and attach an abutment, this is the part that the porcelain tooth will sit on. The abutment is attached to the tooth implant and the gum is stitched up. After this they fit a temporary crown or the false tooth and you are done.

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