How To Get Dental Implants – The 3 Main Steps

Dental Implants are usually performed by a Prosthodontist. A prostodontist is a dentist whose practice is replacement of teeth and many often specialize in placing implants alone.

Here are the 3 major steps in a nut shell:

1. The area were the teeth is to be implanted is accessed. If you have a healthy jaws and bones then teeth implants will be considered.

2. Next, titanium stud is implanted in the bone.

3. Once it is well established you are fitted with dental crown.

Some dental implants are performed in a day – Where teeth are pulled out, implants placed and teeth attached all in one day. However the teeth at this stage are actually temporary teeth that are not meant for chewing anything tougher than pasta.

Around 5 months later when the titanium tooth implants has established itself well and bone has grown around it’s time for permanent crowns. For people who have only few teeth to be replaced it’s better to avoid chewing on that side. If you go for a total implant restoration then you need to be very careful with not eating anything harder than pizza.

There are different ways of approaching dental implants and it depends on the dental professional you choose. You will find that not all dental professionals do the immediate teeth implants. Some pull the old teeth out and put in a partial implant or denture until the gums are healed and other’s place implants right away but cover the tooth implants with the gum tissue.

In the second instance you need to wear a partial denture until they open the gums and attach the abutment and then again for a short time you wear your denture or partial and about 6 months later you get your actual teeth.

Actually, the partial dental implants or dentures are quite neat and no one will ever know they are temporary.

The dental implants can take anywhere between a day to several weeks depending on your individual case. If you have infection or abscess then this may take a while. So, set aside 2-6 months depending on the quality and density of the bone receiving the implant. Costs vary from $1500 – $5000 depending on where you live.

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