How Can Dental Implants Improve The Quality of Your Life?

Broken, crooked or misaligned teeth can cast a dark shadow over one’s life although it sounds like a trivial matter to be concerned with the shape and appearance of one’s teeth. If you try and recollect the novels you have read, chances are that the villain of the story, if unattractive, will be portrayed as having sharp, ugly teeth. A sad but true fact of life remains that our appearance plays a major role in the manner that we perceive ourselves and the way in which others perceive us. A warm and welcoming smile can make even an ordinary face light up and make it attractive to one and all. A smile adds confidence and self esteem to any person and hence it is only natural that we should make sufficient efforts to maintain our smile and our teeth in its perfect state. A regular dental care program and visits to our dentist can go a along way in ensuring that the smile is kept intact.

Artificial dentistry procedures have come to include dental implants to rectify any kind of tooth related problem such as correcting the rough dental surface of your teeth that can be affected by various different factors. Dental implants are not a new concept and have been in existence even in ancient civilizations such as the Mayan civilization. Mayan burial sites, dating back over 1000 years have found sufficient evidence to prove the existence of dental implants as part of prosthetic dentistry. Over the time, dentistry has undergone a sea of change, bringing with it much advancement and thus dental implants have managed to be considered as a prime method of artificially recreating a broken or lost tooth.

During the procedure the gums are cut open to expose the bone and a titanium screw is inserted into the jaw bone. To insert the screw the dentist would have to drill a hole into the jaw bone and the screw is left slightly rough and porous around the edges to encourage the jaw bone to get attached to it during the healing process. The preferred material is titanium as it perfectly allows the bone to grow into and around the screw. Once the procedure is completed the gum is then stitched back together in place. A local anesthesia is used to enable the patient to undergo the complete procedure without enduring any pain or discomfort.

When handing over the treatment of an important part of your body as the mouth and haw to a physician, you must ensure that the dentist you choose is the very best, with an authentic history of success behind him. Select a dentist with extreme care and a past reference from a friend or family would be helpful at a situation like this. Select your dentist with care, maintain regular oral hygiene and care and follow with a regular and routine dental check up to ensure that tooth and gum problems do not ever bring your fast paced life to a standstillI

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