Dental Implants – who should use this process?

An ideal candidate is healthy and has sufficient jawbone to facilitate the placement of implants. They should also be ideally non-smokers and non-alcoholics. They should also enjoy good oral and general health free from any chronic or autoimmune diseases. Excessive smoking and alcoholism are detrimental to the success of dental implants. They should also have healthy gum tissues. Those are the ideal conditions which will guarantee the success of dental implants.

But, the less than ideal candidates also have good chances of success. This will be determined by your dentists before proceeding with implant surgery. Recent advancements in techniques, grafting procedures etc have made implants the most practical and ideal solution for replacing lost tooth in most people.

By controlling your smoking and alcohol consumption you improve your chances of success of your implants. Treatment of infections and chronic health conditions can also improve your chances of getting implants. Go to your dentist he is ideally placed to evaluate your treatment options.

Are Teeth implants an experimental procedure? Why do the dental insurance refuse to cover them?

They are still considered experimental procedure by dental insurance companies. Several million implants have been performed over the last few decades. But, still it is considered experimental by dental insurance contracts which were written in the sixties.

Also, the dental insurance companies claim tooth implants as a medical procedures while the medical insurers claim it to be a purely dental procedure. Result is both refuse to pay for treatment charges.

A concerted action by consumers, experts and other interest groups is needed to rectify this situation.

Over the years some dental professionals have succeeded in getting some relief for the patients by getting at least the surgery part of the dental implant procedure to be covered by the insurance companies.

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