Dental Implants – The First Steps and the History

All of us are very conscious of the way we look and appear in front of people and spend a lot of money on expensive clothes, accessories, footwear and make up. When we look good, it gives us the confidence to meet people and talk to them. However, all this spending on clothing and other accessories would not be of much use if you have a problem with your teeth and that becomes apparent when you talk or smile. Having cavities, gaps between teeth or chipped teeth can lead to a lot of self confidence getting eroded and it is necessary to take appropriate steps to rectify these problems, especially when you are young and have to meet people in your job or personal life.

People who suffered from missing teeth earlier had no option but to go for dentures. It was an American silversmith who came out with the concept of dentures and that was a big relief for people who has lost their teeth either due to an accident or due to dental problems. However, the dentures at that time were far from perfect and people used them due to the absence of any other alternative. Though these dentures have undergone a lot of change since then, they are still not perfect and have many issues which irritate people seeking lasting solutions and that is where the concept of dental implants came in.

The earlier dental implants were made out of shell pieces and carved like teeth. The Egyptians were great believers in making use of such material for their dental implants and they also made use of a lot of ivory for this purpose.

Things have taken a turn for the better ever since and in the year 1951, a Swedish professor studying how bones heal by screwing titanium into the thigh bone of an animal found out that the metal tended to fuse with the bone and further investigation into this process helped him come out with dental implants made out of metals like titanium that was found to have properties of toughness, lightness and durability without affecting the health of the individual in any adverse fashion.

This went on for some years and after 1980, dental implants have become the preferred way of restoring missing teeth to individuals and over 800,000 people have found this method to their advantage and have become more confident. The use of titanium has been wide spread and scientists have discovered that it is ideal as a material since the body does not regard it as a foreign object and hence does not tend to throw it out. This enables better fixation of the dental implant and the effect is as close to real teeth as possible. The attachment is done to the jawbone thereby eliminating the chance of any change of appearance or giving problems while eating.

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