Dental Implants – The Best Method To Replace Missing Teeth

If you are currently suffering from a missing tooth or a series of missing teeth, a cosmetic dentist can assist you with your issues. A dentist has the ability to install dental implants into the empty spaces which will provide the support that is needed to install a replacement tooth.

The procedure for dental implants begins with an initial consultation with your dentist. At this appointment, the dentist will take x-rays to ensure that you have proper bone density and structure to accommodate the implant. The dentist will then schedule you for the installation of the implant(s). To install the implants, the dentist will carefully cut your gums so that the jawbone is exposed. A pilot hole is then drilled into a predetermined location so that the dental implants are correctly installed and without complication. Once the pilot hole is complete, the dentist will install the implant making certain that it is properly tightened and secure.

A temporary protective cover is placed over the dental implants to ensure that it is protected. The healing process, also known as osseointegration, takes a few months to allow the jawbone to accept the implant and also allows the gums to properly heal. At this point, the dentist will remove the temporary cover and install your new tooth or teeth. The new teeth that are installed on the dental implants are permanently held in place with dental cement. Your custom-made teeth are manufactured from the cast or mold of your mouth that is taken by the dentist. This prevents the new tooth from interfering with your current bite and the existing teeth that surround the new tooth.

To correctly maintain these new teeth, you need to care for them just like you would with regular teeth. You should floss regularly, brush at least twice a day and have dental cleanings. This extends the longevity and durability of the implant. Once implants are installed, you will see noticeable differences. You will have a much more appealing smile, you can eat better and speak clearer. If you are interested in replacing your missing teeth, speak with your cosmetic dentist today about the options that are available to you with implants.

When considering []Dental Implants for you or a loved one, take the time to find a professional that not only has the credentials and experience, but the passion to perform exceptional work.

Dr. Wayne Sutton is one of a select group of []cosmetic dentist to be recognized as an Official Dentist of the Mrs. Globe – Mrs. USA Pageants. His lifetime goal is to become one of the premier cosmetic dentists in the world by constantly critiquing his own work in an honest and analytical manner. He believes that beauty of the fine arts can be applied to aesthetics in smile design. It is to this end that he continually strives in a singular purpose.

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