Dental Implants – Special Forms For Special Cases

Plate Form Dental Implants And How They Are Placed

When the patient receiving the implant has a narrow jawbone and also if he/she is not suitable candidate for bone grafts then for such patients plate form implants are used. The plate form implant design is flat and long so it can fit into the narrow jawbone.

First an anesthetic is administered to the patient then the site of the implant is exposed. The jawbone is prepared and finally the plate form implant is placed. As before the number of incisions depends on the number of implants being placed. Gum is stitched back together and healing period is allowed.

Custom Implants And How They Are Placed

In advanced cases of bone loss there will neither enough bone width or height for the root or plate form implants. For such cases the under the gum but over the bones implants are used. This is a custom made implant that sits on top of jawbone just under gum.

It can two-step or single step method. In the two-step a first surgery will expose the remaining jawbone whose impressions are carefully taken using special materials. A custom implants is made to sit on your jawbone. A second surgery is carried out at the exposed site where the custom implant is placed and the gum stitched back and replacement tooth put on top.

In the single step method. Advanced CAT scans help map your jawbone and using computer modeling your jawbone model is created. Then a custom implant is made to this model to fit your jaw. A single surgery is then done to expose your jawbone, prepare it and the custom implant placed. Your gum are stitched back and replacement teeth put in.

These dental implants offer a ray of hope to patients who can’t get the root form dental implants. They are in no way inferior to the root form implants and offer strong and rigid support to the replacement teeth helping the patients lead normal lives.

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