Dental Implants – A solution That Changes Lives

Our teeth tend to get damaged and worn out over a period of time and that results in teeth getting decayed and you could even lose teeth. This can lead to a serious loss of self confidence and you would get scared to even face the world or pose for photos without getting embarrassed. There is thus a need for some corrective action so that you regain some of the lost glory and do not look much older than you really are just because of some lost teeth.

While we all are aware of the existence of false teeth, the various inconveniences associated with them is making people wary and tired. The thought of removing them, cleaning them and maintaining hygiene is not something that everybody wants to do over a period of time and people are always on the lookout for something much better.

Fortunately, the concept of dental implants has come to the fore and become very popular with its many obvious benefits. These are teeth that are placed firmly in the gums in order to replace the lost teeth and this kind of dentistry is often referred to as prosthetic or cosmetic dentistry. It offers a permanent solution to that of false teeth and there is no need for you to remove the teeth and clean them. They will appear like your normal teeth and you will be able to do everything that you used to do with your normal teeth with these artificial implants.

The process is done by fixing the artificial teeth into the jaw and this is quite common. The cosmetic dentist first prepares the jaw for carrying out the implantation. He bores holes into the jaw at places where there are no teeth and since this is a highly skilled job, you need to approach dentists with a lot of experience in this field. Any mistake on his part can cause severe damage to the facial muscles and nerves and that can make the matters worse.

After doing this successfully, the second step of the process where the actual tooth is implanted is carried out and this is accomplished by slowly making the hole initially bored wider in order to accommodate the new implant. The tooth is then screwed into the slot and a protective covering is placed at the bottom so that healing is quick and there is no chance for the tooth to become loose.

The dentist also places a crown on the gum for a short period of time so that the shaping of the tooth is as natural as possible. The final act is the removal of the covering and the replacement of the temporary crown with something permanent.

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