Denatl Implants – The Commonly used Methods

Root Form Implants

They are also called cylindrical or screw-type of dental implants. Patients who have strong and healthy jawbones, with the bone both deep and wide are candidates for root type. These implants are closest in shape and size to a natural tooth root. They are used as base for single or several teeth.

How Are The Root Form Implants Placed?

Your surgeon dentist will first administer an anesthetic to the area where your implants will go. The jawbone needs to be both wide and deep to receive this type. He will then clear the site and prepare the bone to receive the dental implant. Depending on the number of tooth replacements – incisions and bone preparations are made. The root is placed in the bone and gum are closed with stitches.

A healing period is allowed. This takes roughly 3 to 6 months. During this time the implant will integrate with the surrounding jaw bone. A strong and rigid support for the replacement tooth is created. You need to be extra careful during this period not to disturb the implant allowing it to heal completely.

Once the healing is over the implant is uncovered and abutment is attached to it. This unit is now ready to hold your new tooth or teeth in place and in fact the implant can actually be much stronger than your original tooth.

Plate Form Dental Implants And How They Are Placed?

When the patient receiving the implant has a narrow jawbone and also if he/she is not suitable candidate for bone grafts then for such patients plate form implants are used. This design is flat and long so it can fit into the narrow jawbone.

First an anesthetic is administered to the patient then the site of the implant is exposed. The jawbone is prepared and finally the plate form is placed. As explained before the number of incisions depends on the number of implants being placed. The Gum is stitched back together and healing period is allowed.

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