Comprehensive Guide for Dental Implant Treatment process

Your dentist will evaluate your specific condition and come up with a treatment plant to suit your needs. For instance if you are an ideal candidate with excellent health, with no gum or tooth infections, have excellent height and depth of jawbone and no smoking or alcoholic habits then your implants healing process will be faster and you whole implant process will take the shortest time of 6 weeks.

However if you need bone grafts this process will be delayed. First, your donor graft will be harvested and placed on the jawbone and allowed to heal and integrate with your bone. Next, after sufficient bone has grown your implant will be placed and allowed to heal. This may take from 6 weeks to 6 months. Once it is healed then replacement tooth will be placed after careful measurements and color matches are done.

If you need multiple implants than each implant may be placed giving sufficient time for the previous implant to heal and the time taken will increase considerably. Do not rush through the healing process as this will determine the success of your implants.

Is age a limiting factor?

Almost anyone can get dental implants provided they are healthy enough to have oral surgery. Some patients with auto-immune disease conditions may not be suitable candidates for implants. Also, people with certain chronic diseases, heavy smokers, alcoholics are not suitable candidates for implants. Age is not a limiting factor. But the very young and still in the growing phase are not considered for implants.

Are They Successful?

Implants have a success rate of 93 percent. This is the average for the last 10 years. And every year more advanced techniques are being developed which is further improving the success rates.

Can failed implants be replaced?

This is a very valid doubt. It is highly unlikely that your implants will fail. But if they do and provided there is no major underlying reason for the implant to fail they can surely be replaced.

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